①Keep Breathing(呼吸し続ける)


Fears or strains often make people forget to breath or deter them from breathing appropriately.
In Systema, breathing helps you to get over the fear or strain and makes you relaxed.

②Keep Straight Posture(姿勢を保つ)


During a offence or deffence, people unintentionally tend to be with bad posture.
In Systema, we think it significant to keep best posture for the best paformance.

③Keep Moving(動き続ける)


It is you who control yourself.
In any situations, you have to keep controling your own body by yourself.

④Stay Relaxed(リラックスした状態を保つ)


Suitable "breathing" would give you "relax" and it allows you to "keep moving".
Tensions in your body or head thwart you from coping with predicaments around you.